Choice of Pollinisers

Establishing a productive hazelnut plantation requires matching of the main nut variety with appropriate pollinisers. Preferably six polliniser varieties are planted, 2 each of Early, Mid and Late pollen producers.

Choices of varieties to suit intended market; such as table nuts, confectionary or oil production, as well as maximisation of yields form part of the consultation process.


We currently sell the following varieties;

  • ENNIS is a high yielding variety producing jumbo size nuts.
    • Main producer, it flowers over a 12 week period
    • It is generally used as the primary producing variety, with others planted as pollinisers which also produce their own style of nut
  • BARCELONA -still a popular variety, table nut with sizes ranging from jumbo, large to a multitude of sizes
    • Late nut pollinated by Lewis and Casina
    • forerunner to the Ennis variety

  • BUTLER also produces large to jumbo nuts.
    • Early polliniser
    • Ennis and Butler cross pollinate each other.
  • LEWIS - Smaller medium nut, a Speciality Nut
    • Early polliniser

  • CASINA It produces a small nut that blanches well and is used in the confectionary industry, esp in chocolate.(Speciality Nut- Small Size)
    • Mid-season polliniser
    • Ennis and Casina cross pollinate each other.
  • WILLAMETTE Produces a Medium size nut, blanches well
    • Mid polliniser of Ennis

  • HALLS GIANT -Large nut but not high yielding
    • Late polliniser of Ennis
  • JEMTEGAARD #5 (J5)
    • Late polliniser of Ennis, with a large nut, however low yielding.
    • Ennis and Jemtegaard cross pollinate each other.

  • EPSILON a new variety which is low yielding, used purely as a polliniser
    • Late polliniser for Lewis