Hazelnut Tree Sales

To ensure a hazelnut orchard is properly established, we prefer to quote pricing as part of the proper consultation process.

However, small volume sales of our certified commercial nut varieties are available for backyard hobbyist plantings via mail order. We recommend no more than 4 nut bearing trees per polliniser.

Commercial Farming

Farmers intending to plant large areas should contact us for Consultation and Farm Pricing.

Hobbyist level pricing

Summary pricing below, see order forms for more detail. Variety information here

Hazelnut trees need cross pollination to produce good nut production. We have a range of early, mid and late season pollinisers.

  • Duo pots from $25.30 -with two trees in each (with a compatible polliniser variety).
    • 1-2 pots $29.70 ea, 3-30 pots $27.50 ea, >30 pots $25.30ea
    • To ensure best nut production ideally plant two duo pots. This will give you four varieties and ensure you have three pollinisers (Early/Mid/Late) with Ennis ie. 2 duo pots/four trees.
  • Single pots from $22 each variety is available as singly potted whips.
  • Bare rooted -All varieties are available as bare rooted whips, average 1m to 2m high, and are packed in sawdust
    • 1-4 whips $27 ea
    • 5-9 whips $25 ea
    • 10-19 whips $22 ea
    • 20+ P.O.A.
    • Backyarders 4 pack $99
    • Home Gardeners 10 pack $210

All prices are GST inclusive, but exclude delivery cost.

2017 Order form bare-rooted whips (PDF) -available only June through September

2017 Order form Potted trees (PDF) -available only October through May