Hazelnut Growers

Hazelnut Growers in Australia are fast becoming aware of the great advantages of having local fresh Hazelnuts as opposed to imported hazelnuts, (with some imports up to two years old).
Chocolate manufacturers are finding the Ennis variety has a distinct nutty flavor and is suited well to chocolate making. This variety is often referred to as an in shell nut because of its size, but it is the most versatile of any nut available on the Australian market for both kernel and in shell use. It is also a very high yielder and at the Orange research facility it outperformed all other varieties in the 2002 nut in shell yield category.

Josophan's chocolates (winner of the RAS award for Chocolate making), who has three shops in NSW, now sells Ennis nut Chocolate and insists it must be Ennis because of its special flavor.