About Us

Hazelnut Nursery Propagators - a division of Trufficulture Pty Ltd

Formerly grown in Megalong NSW, in 2010 the nursery operations moved to Trufficulture's Nursery at Gembrook, Victoria. Situated in the Dandenong Ranges, the cool moist climate is ideal for growing and propagating hazelnuts.

Hazelnut Nursery Propagators was formed, to produce true to variety planting material suitable for the developing Australian and Southern Hemisphere Hazelnut Industry. Extensive research into the Oregon hazelnut industry was conducted and true to name varieties of hazelnuts were imported. The imported varieties were subjected to intensive screening for pests and disease by Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS), over a 16 month period in Sydney, before AQIS released them for propagation. The nursery site is operated by Trufficulture Gembrook, Victoria and is the largest propagator of its kind in Australia.

Stock in the form of whips is available for planting from July to September. Full instruction for planting will be given with stock.

In addition to commercial nut producing hazels, Trufficulture is also a large grower of truffle mycorrhized trees, with a variety of oaks as well as hazels. See the sister website for further information on truffles www.trufficulture.com.au

Your next steps...

  1. Before selecting your area to grow hazelnuts, check with your State Agriculture Representative or get advice from professionals who understand hazelnut growing in Australia. This is essential, to ensure the soil and climate are suitable.
  2. Read as much information on the growing of hazelnuts recommended readings list.
  3. Join the local branch of the Hazelnut Growers of Australia Limited
  4. Look on the growing of hazelnuts as a business, not a part-time hobby.